Cardiorenal syndrome and gliflozins

Authors: Alena Šmahelová
Authors‘ workplace: III. interní gerontometabolická klinika LF UK a FN Hradec Králové
Published in: Forum Diab 2019; 8(3): 174-177

Inhibitory SGLT2 – glifoziny – jsou novou skupinou antidiabetik, jejichž účinek není závislý na inzulinu. Velké randomizované klinické studie s dapagliflozinem, empagliflozinem a kanagliflozinem nejen potvrdily jejich kardiovaskulární bezpečnost, ale prokázaly i řadu významných benefitů.


SGLT2 inhibitors – gliflozins – are a new class of antidiabetic agents whose effect is not insulin dependent. Large randomized clinical trials with dapagliflozin, empagliflozin and canagliflozin have not only confirmed their cardiovascular safety, but have also shown a number of significant benefits. At present also their importance in primary prevention of cardiorenal disorders and the change of their position in current recommendations for the treatment of type 2 diabetes are emphasized. Therefore their early inclusion in the treatment of type 2 diabetic patients is important as they are more likely to have problems with cardiorenal syndrome, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, renal impairment and an increased risk of heart failure.


cardiorenal syndrome – clinical studies – gliflozins – type 2 diabetes

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Diabetology Endocrinology Internal medicine Cardiology
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