A fixed-ratio combination of insulin glargine 100 U/ml and lixisenatide (IGlarLixi) – a favourable way of intensification of basal insulin therapy and de-intensification of therapy by multiple daily administrations of insulin

Authors: Emil Martinka;  Mariana Rončáková;  Arash Davani;  Veronika Mikušová;  Anna Šromová
Authors‘ workplace: Národný endokrinologický a diabetologický ústav, n. o., Ľubochňa
Published in: Forum Diab 2020; 142(3): 169-175


Randomized clinical trials, studies from the routine clinical practice, as well as our own experience, have shown that a fixed combination of basal insulin and a GLP-1 receptor agonist can be considered an effective and safe choice of intensifying insufficient treatment with basal insulin and also justified “de-intensification” given the previous treatment with multiple daily doses of insulin, even in patients with unsatisfactory glycemic control and high insulin doses.


intensification – de-intensification – fixed-ratio combination – IGlarLixi

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Diabetology Endocrinology Internal medicine
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