News in the semaglutide treatment at the ADA and EASD meetings in 2021

Authors: Ivan Tkáč
Authors‘ workplace: Excelentný tím pre výskum aterosklerózy (EXTASY), LF UPJŠ v Košiciach
Published in: Forum Diab 2022; 11(1): 60-62
Category: News


1. Giugliano D, Scappaticcio L, Longo M et al. GLP-1 receptor agonists and cardiorenal outcomes in type 2 diabetes: an updated meta-analysis of eight CVOTs. Cardiovasc Diabetol 2021; 20(1): 189. Dostupné z DOI: <–021–01366–8>.
2. Marso SP, Bain SC, Consoli A et al. Semaglutide and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes. N Engl J Med 2016; 375(19): 1834–1844. Dostupné z DOI: <>.
3. Husain M, Birkenfeld AL, Donsmark M et al. Oral semaglutide and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes. N Engl J Med 2019: 381(9): 841–851. Dostupné z DOI: <>.
4. Nauck MA, Wuasst DR, Wefers J et al. GLP-1 receptor agonists in the treatment of type 2 diabetes – state-of-the-art. Mol Metab 2021; 46: 101102. Dostupné z DOI: <>.
5. Buse JB, Bain SC, Mann JFE et al. Cardiovascular risk reduction with liraglutide: An exploratory mediation analysis of the LEADER trial. Diabetes Care 2020; 43(7): 1546–1552. Dostupné z DOI: <–2251>.
6. Konig M, Riddle MC, Colhoun HM et al. Exploring potential mediators of the cardiovascular benefit of dulaglutide in type 2 diabetes patients in REWIND. Cardiovasc Diabetol 2021; 20(1): 194. Dostupné z DOI: <–021–01386–4>.
7. Monnier L, Colette C, Owens DR. Glycemic variability: The third component of the dysglycemia in diabetes. Is it important? How to measure it? J Diab Sci Technol 2008; 2(6): 1094–1100. Dostupné z DOI: <>.
8. Soehhnlein O, Libby P. Targeting inflammation in atherosclerosis – from experimental insights to clinic. Nat Rev Drug Disc 2021; 20(8): 589–610. Dostupné z DOI: <–021–00198–1>.
9. Yousuf O, Mohanty BD, Martin SS et al. High sensitivity C-reactive protein and cardiovascular disease. A resolute belief or an elusive link? J Am Coll Cardiol 2013; 62(5): 397–408. Dostupné z DOI: <>.
10. Ridker PM, Everett BM, Thuren T et al. Antiinflammatory therapy with canikinumab for atherosclerotic disease. N Engl J Med 2017; 377(12): 1119–1131. Dostupné z DOI: <>.

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