Pheochromocytoma in pregnancy – case report and literature review

Authors: Kristína Tomová;  Petra Barboríková;  Richard Školka;  Karol Dókuš
Authors‘ workplace: II. gynekologicko–pôrodnícka klinika SZU a FNsP F. D. Roosevelta, Banská Bystrica
Published in: Forum Diab 2023; 12(3): 106-109
Category: Case Reports


Pheochromocytoma is a rare disease in pregnancy with a possible serious impact on the health of the pregnant woman and her fetus. Early identification, treatment and correct timing of termination of pregnancy is a key factor for the successful management of such a condition in a pregnant patient. The work describes the case of a 20-year-old pregnant woman with her fourth child with a complicated obstetric history and a known pheochromocytoma, who is being monitored for accelerated hypertension, poorly responsive to beta-adrenergic antihypertensive treatment, cardiomyopathy and severe anemia in the 28th week of gestation. The previous pregnancy and delivery were complicated by postpartum hemorrhage, severe hypotony of the uterus with the necessity of relapa­rotomy, evacuation of the hematoma, and placement of a compression B-Lynch uterine suture.


paraganglioma – arterial hypertension – B-Lynch suture – pheochromocytoma -pregnancy

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